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Knitted Fabric is textile fabric prepared by knitting, different in properties from woven fabric in term of flexibility as it is stretchable, comfortable & easy care. Knitted fabric can be constructed into smaller pieces. Knitting is the construction of an… Continue Reading


Wool Fiber | Characteristic and Advantage – TEXchange

Wool-natural fibe

Wool Fiber is considered as first textile natural fiber which is obtained from animal like sheep, goats, Rabbits etc & categorized into Merino Wool, Mohair Wool, Cashmere Wool, Alpaca Wool, Angora Wool etc. Wool Fiber are divided into 3 categories… Continue Reading


How TEXchange will change Future of Textile Trading Business?

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Textile trading business is still going on in an old fashion, whereas technology and the Internet have changed the way business is done in almost all industries. Even today, Textile buyers and sellers do business only by contacting each other… Continue Reading


Cotton Yarn Export in India Expecting Growth in FY19 – IRCA

Cotton yarn Export in India

India is playing major role in Cotton Yarn Export from last couple of month and Cotton yarn Export market is expecting continuous growth in FY19. International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA) also confirm in his report released on monday. Low profitability during… Continue Reading


Roll of Technology in Fabric Design & Fashion Industry

Technology in Fabric Design

Technology has propelled the development of human society in incalculable ways. From the essential needs of food, clothing and asylum to advanced robotics and proper health care, technology has quickly expected the status of an arguably imperative and profoundly successful… Continue Reading


India Textile Industry – An Outlook & Impact in Global Market

Indian Textile Industry

Indian Textile industry is completely established and it has a brilliant future. In fact, India is the second largest textiles manufacturer around the world. Comparative force is demonstrated in the cotton production and utilization trend where India ranks just after China… Continue Reading


What is Texchange? How It Helps Buyers and Sellers Worldwide


Texchange is the perfect textile portals that facilitating communication as well as transactions between the businesses engaged in the textile industry. This is a globally based online yarn & textile marketplace for buyers and sellers enabling them to meet one… Continue Reading


Cotton Yarn – How Texchange Provide Advantage to Other Buyers

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Texchange is a reputed online trading portal having an excellent database of cotton yarns buyers and cotton yarn suppliers, knitting yarn supplier, fabrics, woven etc. The suppliers listed on this stage are reliable and willing to serve the purchasers with most… Continue Reading