Roll of Technology in Fabric Design & Fashion Industry

Technology has propelled the development of human society in incalculable ways. From the essential needs of food, clothing and asylum to advanced robotics and proper health care, technology has quickly expected the status of an arguably imperative and profoundly successful tool in the modern era. Clothing has always been both a necessity with regard to human civilization and methods of showcasing ones culture and interests. Social status, religious leanings, cultural variety and professional status can all be plentifully reflected by ones clothes. A wide array of various styles of attire is now possible, supported by great technological tools that supplement and shape the innovative thoughts of fabric designers.

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Evolution of Fabric Design

Generally, man is a remarkable example of versatility. And just look at the way clothes have evolved only goes to demonstrate this. In addition, the progress of mans concept of fashion has additionally changed over the ages. Beginning from simply covering ones body with natural fur to shield it from the caprices of the natural components in ancient periods of human existence to designing exceptional suits and fabrics woven out of outlandish materials to meet adverse environment requirements like space and desert surroundings, man has always demonstrated ingenious capability to build requisite changes in the fabrics. The idea of fashion too has seen a marked shift with the assortment of choices available in the present times. Obviously, technology is a major driving force behind fashion trends.


One of the most critical results of the celebrated Industrial Revolution was the mechanization of textile manufacture. The power loom and the mechanized cotton mill resulted in a huge rise in the quantum of production by shortening the time required for creation complex. In the more recent times, there has been an expansion of novel materials designed, and this has upgraded both the quality and flexibility of fabrics.

Extending from exceptional applications like the design of suits for space travel, swimsuits and suits for military purposes to the utilization of more sturdy and adaptable garments for daily utilize, these techniques have proved to be extremely viable.

Exciting Possibilities and Trends

What about having a solitary garment that one can utilize both in the summer and winter one that would change surface, colour and even shape in response to outer environments? All these are gradually rising above from being mere fantasies to reality. Digital clothing that includes sensors in the very clothing that one wears and other potential possibilities lie in store – courtesy the great interdisciplinary investigations into the field of fabric and fashion technology.

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At a more ordinary level, one could most definitely be satisfied by the ideas of having clothes made to precise details at a much quicker rate and with numerous times more durability. Technology is scaling colossal heights and with it, so are everyone its applications. Textile and fashion design have in store lots of promises and continue to be a standing example of the ability of technology. As Mark Twain puts it, the best clothing ever made is a person’s skin, obviously, society demands something more. So, the quest for better clothing, better fabric and trendier garments proceeds unabated supported by technological advancements.

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Get an Outlook on Indian Textile Sector

Indian textiles industry is completely established and it has a brilliant future. In fact, India is the second largest textiles manufacturer around the world. Comparative force is demonstrated in the cotton production and utilization trend where India ranks just after China and USA. The textiles manufacturing business is a pioneer action in the Indian manufacturing sector and

it has a primordial significance in the monetary life of the country.

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Indians have surely understood the significance of staying one stage ahead of developments in the world of monetary environment. The industry is currently preparing itself to take share of opportunities expected to arise emerge out of the market liberated from quota restrictions and other trade obstructions.

Presently, local textile sector is not in good stage where it requires solid strategies to rise and grab the best opportunities that are accessible by progression of the international market. However, producers were trapped in unplanned technique as beginner started to creep on the market at a time when most operators had consideration on imminent opportunities coming from a quota-free market. Policies and strategies were fundamentally targeted towards expansion and modernization leaving more space to local players. Presently, it clearly appear that the latter have had ample freedom to fortify them and they are currently more prepared than export-oriented organizations.

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In that view, many manufacturing organizations in India are rushing towards expansion and modernization options. Manufacturers are having recourse to fund raising programs pushing EPS to higher development, dissolving equity on its way. Business coordinated with foreign players, creation of purchasing offices and Government’s effort to upgrade quality production and export are numerous visible signs of Indians coming into force on the worldwide market.

Geared with expanded capacities

The new opportunities have conveyed along Indian home-textiles manufacturers in the expansion strategy direction. The Textile up-gradation fund has helped numerous such operators to build capacity amid the last three to four fiscal years. Such expansion techniques have not only had an impact on production volume, also assisted organizations in better giving customized products.

Customized and high-value included products are generally not influenced by change in market parameters. Accordingly, there were no extraordinary price fluctuations on Indian markets amid quota removal period. But such was not the case with other regional competitors’ products, for example China, where costs were cut down significantly favoring purchasers.

Sector Outlook

The fate of the textiles industry seems to be bright in all perspectives. And Government puts all its trust and depends sector for its strong ’employment creation’ ability, more precisely in the garments production side. Lowering tax burdens on organizations will play an imperative part in cutting down production costs and boost towards competition, expanding ability to tap high-volume orders from the worldwide market. Modernization would empower organizations to give quality and volume solutions which is in steady demand by international buyers.

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What is Texchange ? How It Helps Buyers and Sellers Worldwide

Texchange is the perfect textile portals that facilitating communication as well as transactions between the businesses engaged in the textile industry. This is a globally based online yarn & textile marketplace for buyers and sellers enabling them to meet one another. The portal has become one of the reliable destinations of conducting business, improving sales and reaching new organizational goals. Moreover, it also provides the opportunity to do successful transactions as well.

online trading textile India

Texchange become famous because of it’s an online portal for marketing with single click away. The biggest advantage as this company has large platform for textile products that help clients as well as home furnishing manufactures companies. This is very user friendly portal and needs no special knowledge in computer.

Marketing and business done through this portal is completely online that saves time, energy and money of the users. The registered suppliers of textile products easily find out buyers of various types for their products. For them, now selling their textile products has become quite easy, fast and more prolific with texchange creative idea.

With the help of Texchange, buyer can get yarns from certified companies that are registered with texchange. B2B portal facilitates buyers to search latest products, suppliers, investment goods or previous and already buying requests and many more. It also provides precise benefit and suitable offers to yarn inquirer from specific resource. The buyers can avail multiple products or quantity with affordable prices in short span of time.

Textile industry has revolutionary boom due to online marketing.  The industry has been introduced by internet, trying to meet client’s demands globally in less time. Buyers and sellers have opportunity to establish new relationship for professional point of view.

Texchange has been serving the demands of textile business entrepreneurs by giving them a huge and prolific stage to conduct their business. This portal also known as meeting platform for buyers and sellers. At this portal, a seller and buyer can deal in the following products with a click:

  • Wool fabric
  • Yarn dyed fabric
  • Solid dyed fabric
  • Single part dyed fabric
  • Greige yarns
  • Printed fabric
  • Linen Fabric
  • Cashmere fabric
  • Melange Fabric


So, join the texchange portal today without wasting much time and experience unmatched growth of your business and get quality products in no time. Texchange platform will help to reach you the best and cost effective buyers that can enhance your business experience and more sales.

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How Texchange Provide Advantage to Other Buyers

Texchange is a reputed online trading portal having an excellent database of cotton yarns buyers and suppliers. The suppliers listed on this stage are reliable and willing to serve the purchasers with most extreme dedication and commitment. Here, you can get a wide assortment of cotton yarns in various counts and blends and that too in bulk. Competitive costs are the most lucrative factor of the request.

Textile industry in general & cotton yarn in particular have specifically a prominent status in the global market. As cotton is actually natural and very strong fiber along with delicate and absorbent highlights, it has turned into the most prominent fiber in the industry.

The boom of utilization of cotton yarn around the globe has made India the major cotton plantation in the planet. Infinite numbers of textile industries spread around the globe are purchasing cotton yarns from India that improve the competition in the country.  As you can discover innumerable cotton yarn exporters in India managing in all sorts of yarns, you have to choose the best organization for your business. Few tips can be notice to get the best importers and exporter in short span of time and with good price that helps you to get amazing profit.

When you search for an exporter and importers of cotton yarns and different sorts of yarns, you must give first priority to quality standards of the items. The cotton yarn, you are about to purchase, ought to be strong, tough and sturdy. The exporters ought to build the range utilizing high end spinning mills to create high quality cotton yarns. They ought to guarantee that they are offering international quality yarns to the customers to meet their textile requirements.

The quality of the cotton yarn is also dependant on the manufacturing machines and process utilized. You should choose the exporter wisely remembering in mind his production techniques. A good exporter only utilizes the best spinning mills and different machines to keep the quality standards of the product very high.

You should manage with the exporter, who can easily deliver cotton yarn in any quantity without trading off with the quality principles. The organization, you are managing with, should supply cotton yarn on time.

You should search for exporters of cotton yarn, who have accomplished expertise in the respective domain. As the process of developing unmatched quality cotton yarns is dreary and unique, you ought to go for experienced exporters by texchange. The organization, you are going to choose, should offer flawless range in terms of quality and quantity.

To make your look for the best exporter of cotton yarns in India simple and easy, Texchange has opened the passage to hundreds of solid sellers. This is one of the greatest stage of Cotton Yarns Manufacturers, Cotton Yarn Suppliers and Cotton Yarns Exporter making the looking of the best seller a simple matter. Moreover, Texchange also helps you to associate with them wasting your valuable time. Search the other post on blog and get the best buyer as per your requirements.

Important Tips to Remember While Purchasing Cotton Yarns

Are you into a cotton garments or home decor and furnishings business? If yes, you must be hunting for some easy tips that could help you to select the best cotton yarn producer in India.

If you are running business of home decor, furnishings and garments, picking the right and the top quality cotton yarn are something that you can’t ignore. Thus, with a wide array of alternatives available in the market, picking the perfect cotton yarn from a solid cotton yarn manufacturer is a daunting task. In this way, to help you select the best quality cotton yarn, here are the few things you have to consider while getting it.

Important things for you to consider while purchasing the yarn are as per the following:

  1. Focus on yarn weight

What is basic for you to know is cotton yarn has a tendency to be overwhelming, particularly when wet. To ensure that you get the best quality crude materials and don’t confront any problem, you need to concentrate on the largeness of the cotton yarn. Looking the yarn weight when selecting a specific supplier will help you get the best quality things delivered.

  1. Cotton yarn doesn’t stretch

At the point when diverged with various materials, for an example: nylon and Lycra, the cotton remains stretch free and stable even when pulled separated. The general run for you to review is that cotton doesn’t stretch at all. Along with these lines, to guarantee that your crude materials are strong and solid, test them before acquiring. You can approach the prominent cotton yarn manufacturer for some extra tough and delicate cotton yarn to make it sensible for your industry.

  1. Select providers who offer finished stitches

In case you’re into the business of garment fabricating, you can ask that the yarn supplier offer you yarns that have got done with sewing. This is basic as it will help you in making awesome pieces of attire effectively. You can adjust your chase and assurance to get raw materials that will give the best state of the completed things. Cotton yarns are valuable for making such best shape things as they don’t extend.

Since, there are numerous cotton yarn suppliers; you will need to take the assistance of the internet to locate the one that offers wagers quality yarn. Browse through the online resources accessible to discover the cotton yarn manufacturer who has been in the business for quite a long time and is known to provide quality things.

Before you settle on your choice, check the quality of the yarn offered by a specific organization. You can ask somebody who has an involvement in this business and can enable you to choose the correct quality product. Stay connected and read our upcoming articles to know more about topics such as fabric supplier and cotton yarn manufacturer etc. We will also reveal to you how you can make the most out of these raw materials. For more knowledge, log in to Texchange blog and get more information.

A Few Tips to Select the Right Knitting Yarn

Beginning to knit as a hobby may be very rewarding, it can keep you occupied and you have a wide selection of fantastic patterns to take benefit of. The one thing you may fight with at first is distinguishing what knitting yarn you require for your specific project. Knitting yarn comes in various thicknesses, usually referred to as weights and comprehension these can help you to distinguish the one best suited for your specific project moving ahead.

The weights accessible when it comes to knitting yarn will decide the size needles you will require. If you have a pattern you are working to, then you will look that the pattern will suggest the yarn weight you require. In most instances, they will suggest a specific brand, knitting yarn weight and needle size for you to work with. Depending on where you live and what you can discover online or in store, you may have to select an alternate brand that is why knowing your weights can help you pick the right wool based on your specific project.

Lace knitting yarn is a very thin fleece; in fact this is the thinnest you will discover. This sort of knitting yarn is utilized for doily sort projects and might be a shawl, if you’re searching for a heavier and yet very good yarn to finish your project. This sort of yarn is to be utilized with the smallest needles, usually a size 000-1.

Fingering knitting yarn is additionally a very thin yarn, not as thin as lace. This is the perfect choice if you are knitting shawls or socks and are searching for that thinner yarn that you can knit tightly together to achieve the results you are hoping to achieve. This specific product can be utilized with needles sized one to three.

Sport yarn is very fine yarn which is utilized for baby clothes, blankets and shawls. This is slightly thicker than the fingering and lace knitting yarns and yet still sufficiently to create tighter stitches. This yarn is very soft to the touch; you will discover the lace options tend to be coarse to the touch. For the sporting yarn, you will want to utilize needles sized three up to five.

Light Worsted yarn, often referred to as DK yarn, is a slightly thicker yarn and most likely one of the more typical options. It is easier to utilize and can be utilized for a host of undertakings from baby clothes to blankets to shawls and more. For this specific option you are require to need a needle size five to seven in order to accomplish the best end result.

Worsted is another of the more typical knitting yarns; you will work with when finishing all sorts of knitting projects. This specific wool is most utilized when knitting sweaters and blankets and you will require a needle sized seven to nine.

Then, there are the bulky fleece choices. Bulky wool is the thicker fleece that is utilized to make massive sweaters or even a rug for the floor. Many individuals also utilize this knitting yarn to whole a scarf for the winter months. With this specific weight you are going to require needles size nine to eleven, thicker needles to give you with bigger stitches.

 Finally is the roving knitting yarn that is the thickest you can purchase and is utilized with the biggest needles on the market. You can weave thick sweaters, rugs and blankets with this yarn utilizing needles eleven and above. To discover more, visit Texchange

Overview of Texchange and It’s Beneficial for Large and Small Scale Businessman

Texchange is an excellent concept of Greige fabric and yarns headed and promoted by Menon family. Initiating solutions to meet dynamic and upcoming textile industry. While coming to its experience, drawing on its experience, constantly abreast of new trends and client demands, the organization keeps on tending to and offer customized solutions in consistently developing and enhancing International Fiber, viscose Yarns and textile market.

We have been regular members in major worldwide fairs and international conventions. We have spread our clients in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, china and many more. Valuing our clients to give them the best has made by our organization become a renowned name among the most reliable greige fabric suppliers & yarn sellers in India.

In a short span of time, Texchange has made a mark in the global textile industry. The reason, this online portal has been so warmly acknowledged is its simple -to-use interface and the abundance of business opportunities that it conveys to textile businesses of every shapes and sizes. And yes, it is truly free to join!

We get plenty of queries from yarn & fabric community as to what exactly they can purchase and sell on this online portal. Because of this, we thought to come up with a post that will provide info about our existing as well as new yarn & fabric buyers and sellers as to how they can get best leverage Texchange to add more zeros to their profit.

There are numerous products that you can deal with the help of texchange but here’s a short list of products that yarn & textile businesses can purchase or sell:

  •  Greige Yarns
    •    Greige fabrics
    •    Yarn dyed fabric
    •    Georgettes
    •    Denim
    •    Crepes
    •    Corduroy
    •    Chiffon
    •    Chambray
    •    Cashmere fabric
    •    Canvas

If you still have questions / doubts, please connect with us; we’d be very happy to help you!

So, what are you waiting for? If you are dealing with cotton yarn and fabric and willing to get in touch with new markets

Join Texchange!

What are the Benefits of Using Cotton Canvas Fabrics for Tents and Bags?

Both jute and cotton fabrics have tremendous capacities to radiate lovely prints and designs which have been joined on it. Cotton canvas fabrics are utilized to a great extent for string works of art, oil paintings and different sorts of paintings as it produces designs in a wonderful manner. These fabrics are additionally utilized to manufacture tents and bags as it incorporates an enormous variety of useful features.

Different sorts of printers and printing machines can also be utilized to print designs on these fabrics rapidly and easily. Linen and cotton textiles are utilized in canvas and tents as it is delicate and supple which is a standout amongst the most alluring trademark highlights of these fabrics In addition, cotton is more adaptable in contrast with different sorts of textures which clarify the reason why it is to a great extent used to produce bags and tents.

Fabrics Used in Tents and Bags:

Linen canvas is utilized to manufacture tents and bags because of resilient properties. It is also resistant to moistness which is one of the real purposes behind its far reaching use in the majority of these items. Cotton fabrics can be extended and reshaped by singular necessities. It is utilized in various industries to make army tents, clothes, bags and so forth. Cotton yarns are generally used to make posters canvas despite the fact that it sometimes has certain features to create the painting seems puffy

Cotton yarns are tensile and adaptable. It has predominant water taxing impact which makes it supple and strong. Most of these fabrics are easily accessible in many of the online stores as well.

In fact, 3D fabrics are mainly utilized for painting purposes. It is also used for different home decoration purposes. The majority of these fabrics can be purchased at moderate price rates from many of the online retail stores. These fabrics can be utilized to secure furniture as well. It is generally utilized as rugs and indoor ground surface purposes because of its alluring features.

It is also accessible in different forms and varieties. It can be utilized as wrap sheets as it is non-oily and resistant to water and sogginess. It can be utilized for camping tents, construction websites and packaging boats and vehicles as well. As all these sheets are made of cotton, it is very comfortable when it is utilized for tents.

These fabrics are accessible in an entire scope of quality and variety. The costs of these textures change as indicated by its prevalence and quality. It is widely found through sleeping sacks, tents, eating tents, channel packs etc.

Most of these sorts of canvas fabrics are exhibited in some of the most legitimate and dependable online stores at different price rates. In addition to tents and bags, these 3D fabrics are utilized for different purposes. It is additionally utilized for various sorts of clothes, industrial bags, artist canvas pads and waterproof coverings. An entire scope of various texture items can be purchased from online stores at reduced value rates as well.

Get latest updates of cotton fabric with Texchange as that is in great platform for demand in B2B. You can find more free information in various posts also.

A Brief Overview about Polyester Filament Yarn

Polyester Filament Yarn has been one of the good textile products in more demand due to its malleable capacity. Numerous products are appropriate from fabrics to hosiery and also some home textiles products.
Let us first start with the manufacturing of filament yarn and after that polyester which are amalgamated by a process.

Somewhat oriented tow or partially oriented yarn is made by winding the filament accepting cylinder winds at a speed marginally higher than the speed of expulsion. Filaments from huge number of spinning positions are gathered to form tow, which can later be cut into staple. If the fiber is to be utilized as constant fiber yarn, the filaments are wound onto metal barrels, paper tubes, or bobbins.

The diameter or fineness of spun yarn, filament yarn, or monofilament is assigned by the term denier that is the weight in grams of 9,000 meters of yarn or filament. Yarns for apparel and home furniture usually have deniers ranging from 80 to 160.

Polyester fiber spinning and drawing tools can usually be utilized to deliver other melt-spun fibers for example nylon 6 and nylon 66, with generally minor change. Waste polyester polymer or fiber is sold, reprocessed, consumed or covered depending generally on the purity. Some of the main licensors of polyester fiber technology are Zimmer, DuPont/Chemtex, Inventa, Karl-Fischer, and NOY. Polyester fibers are delivered by expelling liquid polyethylene terephthalate (PET) through a metal plate or thimble with fine opening holes called a spinnerette (“spinning”).

Next, the fibers are attracted to additionally arrange the polymer molecules, and to change the tensile strength, prolongation, dye ability, modulus and other physical properties of the fiber.The filaments are additionally handled by draw-texturizing , turn drawing, draw-winding, creasing, snaking, and circling.

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How Antimicrobial Microfibers Helps in Controlling Odour

Mum’s Guide in Using Cloth Nappies

Fabric nappy is useful for your baby because the materials it is made of are good for your baby’s skin. By utilizing natural bamboo fabric and microfiber, your baby feels dry and comfortable constantly. This is also a good thing that you can do for your baby’s skin and to the environment. Furthermore, it is also useful for your budget. These are very delicate on your baby’s skin which would make your baby more comfortable and less chafed.

antimicrobial microfibers

Why Use a Cloth Nappy

There are critical reasons why you should utilize this sort of nappy. First, you can help the environment. Secondly, the color combination of the product can be fortifying to your baby’s vision and learning. It is also best for your budget and it can be utilized to potty train your baby.

Most babies will need 10 to 12 changes in a day. If you need to utilize fitted fabric nappies, be sure to try a specimen first before you purchase nappy packs of any brand. A fitted nappy has different sizes. You can have 12 nappies, 12 prefolds, and 6 nappy spreads. You can change a wet nappy as changing a disposable nappy. The only difference is, you don’t need to discard it away and you can just put it in a nappy basket for you to wash later.

How to Wash Them

Everyone has their own favorite technique for washing nappies. The issue of having stains on your child’s nappy is not hard to manage any longer. You can wash the nappy with poop in cold water utilizing a gentle detergent. Then put the wet nappies in a compartment and wash them utilizing hot water with the same mellow detergent. You can neutralize the alkali in the nappy by including an additional rinse with a half cup of vinegar. Then, you can hang them outside under the sun. Let the nappy out under the sun due to it has a natural antimicrobial ability. Fabric conditioner and bleach are bad on nappy’s fabric and should be ignored.

Additional Tips:

If you are utilizing them for your child, you will require a nappy bin. This may not effectively be found in stores but rather than you can utilize any bucket or trashcan with a bucket liner. You can put some baking soda in it if you want to control undesirable odours. You also require a nappy pack with enough size for the nappies. If you are traveling, don’t forget to bring child wipes.

Cloth nappies are truly extraordinary to use for your baby. If you are not utilizing it for you utilizing, make a switch, and tell a friend. That is simple action that would extraordinarily help the environment. These are amazingly adaptable and valuable. You will most certainly be able to locate a nappy system that fits your lifestyle. There are many articles updated on Texchange regarding microfibers helps to control odour because child needs more soft material rather than elder ones.